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Andy Shearer

Principal Recruiter

We Are On Purpose Recruitment 

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Andy is a values-centric, Recruiting Consultant and Talent Advisor with more than 20 years of experience in identifying and recruiting highly specialized talent for adidas, Nike, Chrome Industries, KEEN Footwear, Coca Cola, and Tektronix.  


As a creative and collaborative talent leader, Andy has implemented DEI strategies, created competency-centric recruiting processes, and designed University and early career talent programs that become instruments of innovation and business planning.  Every talent initiative contributes to the power of the employment brand and helps to win the talent your organization needs.   


Andy is a global citizen and ally - brings several passports and global recruiting experiences, from Australia, Germany, the USA, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic across a wide range of functions, skills, and levels.  He has a deep passion for Outdoor / Athletic industries with a hyper-focus on product design / Apparel design / Creative / and Material innovation.

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