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We believe doing good is good for

business and

good for the world

Meet our Team

Our Story

We were founded in 2021 – a period where we all witnessed firsthand how the greatest challenges of our time can be overcome with innovation, creativity, and collective problem solving.  We wanted to be accelerators of positive change and not just in the impact we can have on the planet and people, but also in how we operate - as a small team with an extensive network of diverse minds and backgrounds forming a community of change makers across multiple sectors and industries.  Taking the expertise we have collectively gained building brands, teams and movements we are able to bring innovation and bolder thinking to shape, reframe and solve complex problems for clients who view the world with the optimism and urgency that we do.

What we do

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We create a strategic playbook to amplify and accelerate change.

Purpose  Strategy
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We develop and launch programs designed to have an immediate impact for people and planet.

Purpose  Programming
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We develop branding, marketing and communication strategies and plans.

Purpose  Branding + Marketing
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We source, build and coach teams.

Purpose  People & Culture
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The Power of Collective

We are a global impact network

At our core, we are purposefully small but our team is extensive and global.  Over time we have built relationships with the best thinkers, leaders and change agents of our generation.

Our approach is to gather these diverse minds and experts across communities, sectors, industries and disciplines to challenge, shape, reframe and execute bolder thinking.


Together we form a collective - a constellation of talent, contributors, businesses and partners.

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