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The Listening Planet Foundation
Expressing the voice of the natural world through sound. 

We partnered with Martyn Stewart, to establish The Listening Planet as a brand, an environmental, non-profit Foundation and a creative production studio. 


We worked together to develop the Vision and Purpose, Branding and Creative execution, Foundation set up and operations, Impact programming, on-going Partnerships and Collaborations as well as Distribution deals.

The Listening Planet Library is one of the most important private collections of nature sounds that exists in the world. Martyn Stewart has been a world-leading sound recordist since 1975, recording in over 50 countries and capturing over 3500 species of birds, countless insects, amphibians and mammals. He has made it his life's mission to record the world one species at a time. The collection currently contains over 30,000 hours of nature sounds and soundscapes, more than 90,000 individual sounds and as many intimate stories from the natural world.


Martyn's ultimate vision was to continue to express the voice of the natural world and, through the power of sound, awaken a connection deep inside all of us: a love, understanding and respect for the importance and fragility of the place we call home and a passion to safeguard its future.  Not only are nature sounds active promoters of mental and physical wellbeing, they are also powerful global barometers for environmental health and degradation.  The work of the Foundation will focus on four key pillars: inspiration, education, preservation and conservation.


To bring the stories and the library to life and actively deliver the message, we also closed a creative and distribution partnership with PLATOON.

Launches October 2021

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