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Engaging 90,000 employees around Purpose 

Kyndryl is a company you may not have heard of yet – but it is definitely a part of your daily life. Kyndryl designs, build and manages and modernizes the mission-critical technology systems that world depends on every day. Their customer base includes 75 of the Fortune 100. 


Kyndryl was officially spun-off from IBM in November 2021, which makes it in many ways a start-up with 90, 000 employees. They came to We Are On Purpose at the earliest days of the organization with an interesting challenge. To work with their Corporate Social Responsibility, Citizenship and ESG team to help develop a strategy and action plan for engaging the employees – which they call Kyndryls  around Purpose topics. 


Starting with our Listening phase, we conducted 20+ individual interviews with leaders across Kyndryl from the CEO. Martin Schroeter to employee group representatives across the globe.  Aligning with the materiality study and the employee survey – we identified key themes and areas of opportunity for immediate action. The team was keen to get started in parallel to completing the research and evaluation.  We then further distilled our findings and prepared a report of implications and recommended strategy which identified pillars for Kyndryl Purpose strategy and  levers of activation. 


For the execution phase of the project we worked together with the CSR/ESG team around the world to develop an annual communications plan,  a blueprint for employee events and activations volunteering etc,, and a particular focus on how to integrate and launch new partners: Deed and Echoing Green.  


We provided the Kyndryl team with key tools for lasting success such as a data base of Speakers that align with their mission and key culture moments, a partnership criteria filter for identifying and selecting non-profit partners and a list of potential partners to start with.

Image by Qingbao Meng
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