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don't MiND me
A determination to end the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness

We partnered with Mädchen Amick (Twin Peaks, E.R., Damages, Mad Men & Riverdale) to help develop the vision, content and impact strategy for her advocacy work in mental health. Mädchen has been a powerful ambassador in this field since her son was diagnosed with bi-polar. Don’t MIND me was specifically born out of a fervent and unwavering determination to end the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health and to have a direct impact on the lives of those most urgently in need of care.


“Everyone deserves access toward recovery, and I’ve dedicated myself to helping all those in need, no matter their circumstance.” Madchen Amick.


Madchen’s ultimate goal is to ensure noone is left behind, and achieving this through 3 key pillars: Advocacy, Action and Access. We worked with Madchen to create a multi-platform program that is inclusive, vulnerable but also actionable and impactful. From offering Madchen’s fans a chance to check in with her on social channels, to chances of winning spots in viewing parties, from intimate personal newsletters to a deeply personal podcast with her family and close friends from the industry, we could not be prouder to be associated with this important initiative and Foundation

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