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Wildstar Academy
Bringing Indigenous female and under-represented voices to natural history filmmaking

On Purpose Group was hired to develop an impact strategy for Wildstar Films - the production company owned by Vanessa Berlowitz and Mark Linfield.

We created a new 501c3 organization called the Wildstar Academy with the Mission to grow the field of indigenous, female and underrepresented filmmakers and champion their rise.


The Vision is a world where the films we watch are made by people who have a direct creative, cultural and emotional relationship with the story being told.Specifically the Wildstar Academy is focused on bringing indigenous, female and underrepresented voices into the industry. To find, inspire and train new talent -- camera operators to directors, biologists to conservationists -- and to support them as they grow.


Programming includes 1:1 experiences with industry professionals, bootcamps and ability to participate and contribute on shoots for globally released films. Following training the graduates will receive ongoing support from industry leaders to ensure they can build a sustainable career as a wildlife filmmaker. 

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