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Women Sports Network
A Global Sports Fan Platform. A Purpose-led Media Brand 

Fast Studios are a multi-faceted media studio specializing in content creation, marketing, distribution and monetization of entertainment programming. They create media brands and channels  - such as Racing America and SpartanTV geared to accelerate the growth of free ad supported streaming networks.  They  are behind some of the most fresh and innovative sports channels launching today across platforms such as Tubi, Roku, Pluto and Peacock.


Fast Studios initially hired We Are on Purpose in 2021 to work on a new media brand focused on female athletes.  We were brought on by the Commissioner to fast-track development of brand positioning, audience profile and pitch deck for a new channel they were working on called Women's Sport Network to take out to rights holders, partners and advertisers.  The Women’s Sport Network is a first of its kind 24/7 women’s sports channel  – including a daily 30 minute sports highlight show focused exclusively on Women’s Sports highlights and commentary. 


Fast forward to 2022 when we were asked to come back on board to take on the interim CMO role in the lead up to the launch in June 2022 – just in time for the 50th anniversary of Title IX.   Specific areas of focus include helping to connect audiences and brands with the Women’s Sports Network, overseeing ad sales, marketing, media buying, channel creative and programming strategy.

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